Hearts of the Father Outreachchild

Hearts of the Father Outreach helps orphans and abandoned children.

The founding vision incorporates 10 to 20 orphans gathered in a loving home with a husband–wife couple as the houseparents. The goal is to raise these children in a family type setting. There, they receive love, support and mentoring from a father and mother who have a heart for God and a heart for children.

Basic physical needs suckidsh as food, shelter and education are provided. Equally important, the children receive the spiritual foundation necessary for them to become morally and socially responsible, creative adults, who can make a positive impact on their world.

Hearts of the Father Outreach was founded by John and Libby Moritz. It was birthed out of great personal tragedy. That tragedy spurred the Moritzes to deep soul searching which included the question: “God, why are we here?” The answer led them to start this ministry for children.

Over the years, the vision has expanded. Hearts of the Father Outreach has a home for children in Ghana, West Africa, and one in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. In addition, HFO now has a number of programs to place orphans with families. These programs are similar to the foster care idea found in the United States.


As John and Libby have traveled, they have met others who have a heart for orphans and children in distress. Hearts of the Father Outreach also supports some of those individuals who are helping orphans in the spirit of Hearts of the Father Outreach.