History of Abuse
The truth that parents and families need to know

The following document, which was obtained through the Freedom of
Information Law, is a memorandum from Mark Keegan, the Director of Quality Assurance and Investigations of the CQC (Commission on Quality of Care NYS) to Jan Abelseth of OMRDD (Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities) revealing the “STAGGERING” number of INDICATIONS (Substantiated or Proven) cases of child abuse at the Anderson School, now called the Anderson Center for Autism, located in Staatsburg, New York, occurring during the tenure of the current Director, Neil Pollack, who began his tenure at Anderson in January of 2001.

“Our indication rate of 23% of all Anderson School cases is nearly four times the overall indication rate for both OMH and OMRDD facilities and Anderson accounts for a staggering 73% of all indications for OMRDD certified facilities.”

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