Jonathan’s Law

Please visit JonathansLaw.Org. The site as a tribute to Jonathan Carey and to provide information about the law that bears his name. You will also find links to similar legislation efforts aimed at advocating for the vulnerable.

About a month after Jonathan was killed, God gave both Mike and me, separate dreams on the same night, of Jonathan on a white horse in Heaven. Mike saw Jonathan sitting on a beautiful white horse, holding a sword. He said that Jonathan was wearing a very ornate breastplate, and looked very handsome and mature. I saw Jonathan riding full speed on a white horse. His hair was moving up and down to the pounding of the horse’s hooves. He was holding the reins in one hand, and in the other he was holding a sword drawn high above his head, as if riding into battle. He was wearing a shiny breastplate, and his clothing was completely and off-white color. He was not smiling, but his expression was very focused, and was one that I would describe as “Purpose”. He looked very mature. When Mike and I compared our dreams, we were amazed at the similarities. I then understood why the Lord had given Jonathan such a passion for horses ever since he was a toddler. The Lord was preparing Jonathan for the horse he would have in Heaven. About a week later, Mike and I attended a memorial service for Jonathan at OD Heck, which was to help the other children there with closure. At that memorial service we were given a gift of a picture of Jonathan with a white horse which we had never seen. . . read more

Jonathan’s Law. Know Your Rights

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