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Lisa and I, the parents of Jonathan, would first like to thank everyone for your love, your prayers, and your encouragement throughout this extremely difficult time, and for all your support as we were fighting for Jonathan’s Law.  Our hearts are broken and the pain of missing Jonathan is excruciating at times, but we know that Jonathan is happy and safe with our Lord Jesus in Heaven for all eternity, which helps us tremendously.

Right now we must move forward.  We are compelled to help other vulnerable children, and to help prevent other children from suffering abuse and neglect like Jonathan suffered.  We would like you know a little about our son Jonathan.  Jonathan was diagnosed mentally retarded before he was two years old and then diagnosed autistic at six years old.  Jonathan’s life was difficult in many ways because of the afflictions he suffered, as well as not being able to speak and communicate properly.  You can only imagine the frustration, if it were you.  Lisa and I placed Jonathan in the Anderson School in Staatsburg , New York , in January of 2003, so he could learn and prosper more as well as be toilet trained.  We were told that the school had 100% success with toilet training, and highly structured teaching in their school, and that the carry over in the residential settings was excellent.  Jonathan was making some significant gains, but in the Fall of 2004, things took a horrible turn for the worse.  We received a call from the Director of the school saying that our son was in a crisis.  Afterward, we found out that the school was withholding meals on a daily basis from Jonathan for behavior modification, or “intense programming” in their own words, whenever Jonathan did not have his shirt or clothing on.  Jonathan was struggling with a compulsive problem of keeping his shirt on, and this is how the school planned to program our son, without our knowledge or consent, or the knowledge or consent of a Human Rights Committee.  This unbelievable abusive and neglectful plan was then carried out by numerous staff for over five weeks.  Jonathan was also secluded for extended periods of time in his bedroom, at times naked lying in his own urine, missing many days of school, without our knowledge.  During this time, Jonathan sustained dozens of bruises over much of his body, which was not reported properly by the school to both New York State agencies, OMRDD or CQC, as required for investigation.  How can such things happen?  How can people do such inhumane things? It is still hard for Lisa and I to understand how people can do such things.  After a four week investigation was completed by OMRDD regarding these abuses of our son Jonathan, all of the records were then immediately sealed by the State of New York and none of the individuals involved were held accountable by law.  The State of New York continued to withhold all of these records from us until the amendment to Jonathan’s Law was signed by Governor Spitzer on July 18, 2007.  Now under Jonathan’s Law, parents and legal guardians are able to obtain valuable investigative records and incident reports regarding their children to help insure their safety.  Under the amendment to Jonathan’s Law, parents and legal guardians can obtain investigative records and incident reports dated from January of 2003 until the current date, by requesting their records in writing, by no later than December 31, 2007.

After removing Jonathan from the Anderson School , Jonathan struggled incredibly as a result of the abuse he went through.  Jonathan was then diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result.  After doing our best to care for Jonathan at home, without getting much assistance from OMRDD, despite pleading for help, we had to place Jonathan in another facility.  We could not care for Jonathan alone.  At this time Jonathan went into OD Heck, in Niskayuna , New York , which is a State run residential facility.  A year and a half later, on February 16, 2007, while away on a trip, Lisa and I got the most horrible news any parent could ever get.  “Last night Jonathan stopped breathing and he could not be revived”.  Lisa and I both buckled to the sidewalk under the grief of the news coming over the payphone.  We were in St. Thomas trying to get some respite from life’s difficulties, to get the worst news imaginable.  We later received, a call saying that two men have been arrested and charged for improperly restraining Jonathan to death.  Lisa and I were a couple of thousand miles away, and our precious first born son Jonathan was killed, we are told.  If it were not for our faith in Jesus, there is no way we could have survived it all.  By His amazing grace, as well as the amazing outpouring of love through so many people, we are doing OK.  Hurting, yes, but we know there are many things we must do.  We are compelled to help prevent this from happening to other children or their families.  This is why Lisa and I have established the Jonathan Carey Foundation in Jonathan’s name, to do everything possible to stop such injustices, and help vulnerable children.

Most vulnerable children cannot speak or defend themselves and desperately need our help, meaning each and every one of us, in whatever way we can.  Lisa and I have gained much insight through all that we have gone through, and have a responsibility to use that insight and knowledge to help bring about necessary changes and fight for what is right.  Our hope and our prayer is that these changes will affect the lives of thousands of precious children and their families.  We must continue to raise awareness of the issues facing those living in residential care facilities and schools, and their families.

We are also compelled to raise awareness and to encourage people to get involved in rescuing orphaned and abandoned children.  We have been involved with a ministry called Hearts of the Father Outreach for many years now.  I have seen first hand several young children, without parents, poor and destitute, sleeping on sidewalks in plastic corn meal sacks in need of a home, love, and their basic needs met, such as regular meals, clothing, and medical attention.  These children can be rescued and literally saved for very little cost, if people first care, and second have an avenue to help.  Our desire is to help point the way to other existing organizations and ministries that are doing such wonderful work.  The Jonathan Carey Foundation is all about helping vulnerable children in any way possible, but it is going to take a team effort.  There are millions of vulnerable children, in all sorts of dire need.  Will you help?  If everyone helps in whatever way they can, a tremendous number of precious children’s lives will be turned around, and I believe forever.

We are closing our family business named Solo Auto Sales, located at 90 Delaware Avenue in Delmar , New York , and are converting the use of the property into the office for The Jonathan Carey Foundation.  We are now currently able to accept charitable contributions, which are tax deductible. We are going to need your help, as well as the help of our entire community, to accomplish and bring about the necessary changes needed to insure the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children.  Thank you for caring, and thank you for considering supporting The Jonathan Carey Foundation.  If you would like to help financially, please click on the donate tab for the information necessary.  Thank you.

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